Frequency analysis

From the main menu, select: Plot Frequency analysis. All the selected data are sent to this window (triangles of meshes are not yet included).

In the list-box on top-left are listed all the Value fields. Select a field and the corresponding histogram will be drawn. Statistical attributes will be listed on the lower-left border of the window. These include the average value, the standard deviation, the skewness, the kurtosis, and data number. In the case of circular data, only the circular mean, the circular standard deviation and the data number are displayed. You can specify X and Y limits, if the data are logarithmic or circular and, in this case, if you want to analyse the semi-circular range. The number of intervals can be set by moving the slide-bar. Data can be saved as SVG (mouse right click), provided “SVG writing” is allowed in the in the drawing options (Main window File – > Drawing Options).

The clustering of the population can be analysed by means of the mean shift analysis. Input parameter is the seeking interval (which is a sort of smoothing radius), expressed as a percentage of the X-interval. Results of mean shift analysis are listed in the list-box on the right side of the window and include, for each sub-population, the boundaries, the mode and the data number. These can be copied and pasted in a spreadsheet by right-clicking the list-box .